Well following my inch loss on my waist I plucked up the courage to get onto the scales, this always makes me very nervous and I have a rule that I am only allowed to weigh myself every 3 weeks so I don’t get obsessed with it. I took Jack and filled his little pram tray up with cheerios and raisins to keep him occupied. I took a deep breath and stood on the scales (after removing as much as I could from my person that is acceptable in society!!!), breathe in, think small and stand tall. My eyes peer down at the read out – 7lbs OFF! Wooo hoooo! 20lbs to go! 🙂



UPDATE TIME! 1 week and (drum roll please!), 1 INCH off that waist! My new waist management workout I have set myself is doing the trick! 15 minutes 3 times per week. I am eating the same and doing my usual 2 zumba classes but an inch has GONE! Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Now to keep at it!

A Talking Totter!

Well Jack is now a fully fledged Talking Tots member! He has a tshirt and a little bag! Although he is still a little wild child in the class (not alone thank goodness!) he was saying loads more in the class and responding more! He was telling me about colours, saying sticker and even started interacting with another child which he rarely does. Excellent! 

Bridesmaid Challenge!

Right, on Saturday it will be exactly 3 weeks until my lovely sister in law Helen is getting married to her equally lovely fiancee Andrew. I am head bridesmaid and I am VERY excited about it! I have never been a bridesmaid before and not only will it be wonderful to be part of the couples special day it will tick off one of my life ambitions! 

The bride has bought me the most gorgeous dress to wear but as per usual in my case I am not all one size all the way up! According to the sites size guides I am 14/16 across my bust, 18/20 across my waist and a 16 on my hips! So in essence I range from a 14 – 20 in size! Perfect!

I have opted for a size 16 and now have the challenge of losing an inch and half off my waist in order to take me comfortably into the size 16 range. 3 weeks – 1 challenge! I have created a tummy and waist workout that is 15 minutes every other day. If I have got it right then it should do the trick! Wish me luck!!!! This will be the difference between breathing and not breathing throughout the ceremony!!!!


YES! There are times when I wonder if anything goes into my gorgeous toddlers head, repeatedly asking him to do simple tasks falls on deaf ears but tonight, TONIGHT, as I was putting all the toys away he announced ‘TIE TIME!’ (or tidy time!) and then proceeded to pick up all his toys and put them away! I was so happy I actually had tears in my eyes and got all choked up! I was screeching ‘good boy good boy!!!!’, he then sat on his potty with his milk while I put in the Night Garden on, I am still in seventh heaven and am getting higher and higher ‘oh my goodness! good boy good boy’, then Jack swivels around on his potty, sticks a tiny finger up his nose and says ‘shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’!!! Got it Jack!

Talking Tots


Today Jack and I embarked on a new baby group, a prospect that always makes me nervous as I never know what the activities will entail, whether it has the right vibe and whether the class is suitable to handle both Jack and myself!!

Talking Tots is about boosting communication and social skills through games, songs, rhymes and activities. It is based on the idea that those who can communicate effectively have a huge advantage in terms of learning. Although Jack got a glowing report from the speech therapist I am all for getting him to communicate with confidence, so far we have more of the confidence and less of the communication!

The class involved activities such as the Hokey Kokey, passing a massive ball to one another (my friends little one bless him was a little less than happy about giving the ball away once receiving it!), playing a version of musical chairs but completing a task such as putting a foam shape on your head when the music stops etc. Jack at just 2 years old is a runner and a climber so sitting for more than 3 minutes is a challenge in itself. I am hoping that this class will help him to focus a little more, some children will sit for hours colouring and drawing for example but Jack is happiest when he is stomping through a muddy field! Nothing wrong with that at all but I feel his social and mental skills now need a bit of development. Luckily Jack was not the only one to get a little fidgety but the lovely lady Lizzy who runs our Talking Tots assures us that the more they do an activity the more they will see it as normal and new social skills will come.

The class concluded with a story and a goodbye song, both of which went down very well with this little master. The sticker he received from Lizzy was the icing on the cake!

I am currently doing two taster sessions, if next week goes well, then I can sign up to be a fully fledged member and Jack will get a little Talking Tots t-shirt to wear to the group, almost making the classes a pre-pre school!

A pleasure to take part in, I hope next week is as promising! Will keep you posted! x




Hen Night Heaven!

Next month my lovely sister in law Helen is to wed her fiancee Andrew and we are so looking forward to their wedding. I was thrilled to be asked to be Head Bridesmaid, I have never been a bridesmaid before and have always wanted to be! This month I threw Helen her Hen Do in Canterbury and it was a truly lovely day.

The brief from the hen was simple enough, to be £50 or less to suit all members of the group (a very sensible plan I thought, hen and stag parties have gone a bit mad in recent years and several friends have had to decline several occasions simply because they can go up to £1000. Brilliant if you have an unlimited pot of money, not so good if you have a mortgage and/or children!). As the party would be made up of an age range of between 30-60 it had to be an outing that everyone could enjoy (thankfully therefore clubbing was out, my own hen ended up in a club, I was 24 and at 2am, my Mother and my very good friend Lena, both born in the same year were the ones still bopping away while I was dying from exhaustion in the corner! When it comes to clubbing you either have it or you don’t and I am fairly sure I never had ‘it’ in the first place!). The theme was to be fun and relaxation. So the first thing that popped into my head was PAMPER DAY!

Mum and I met at The Thomas Becket pub in Canterbury at 9.55am, I had pre-booked a table for 5 and my Mum Sally and I set about decorating the table with a balloon, feather boas, a tacky tiara and an L Plate. I omitted the chocolate willys etc as I was going for more of a silly but sophisticated day. 


We met the rest of the ladies around the corner at Elite Hair and Beauty, this is a lovely hair and beauty salon with a different vibe to all the others. It is not clinical or starchy, the staff are warm and friendly and there is a relaxed boho feel about the place. I had booked all the hens in for the ‘Mother and Daughter’ package, this entailed:

The Dr Fish with an opi nail colour (not everyones cup of tea but certainly a giggle and a talking point!)


A manicure with hand massage:


And a gorgeous facial (here are the Bride to Be and her Mum (my Mum in Law) post facials!


We arrived at 10am and were there until 2pm, we all felt super pampered and the morning was a really special time.


I had actually booked the Thomas Becket pub for midday and the fact that we arrived just over 2 hours late seemed to make no difference at all to them. They were very relaxed and accomodating, a table had been reserved and the two ladies that were on front of house were pleasant and smiley. 

Lunch took quite a while to come I must admit but when it did arrive it was clear why there was a bit of a time delay, each meal had been cooked fresh and every plate was presented and tasted beautifully. Janet, Helens Mother In Law to be chose a chicken in a cream and mushroom sauce with crushed potatoes and seasonal veg, Sally, my Mum chose the special cod loin with potatoes with seasonal veg, Helen, the Bride to Be chose the Becket Burger, a massive homemade burger with a choice of toppings, Margaret, the Brides Mother chose Ham and Eggs and I chose the Cheese and Homemade Chutney sandwich with chunky chips. YUM!!!!!!


All in all it was to me the perfect Hen Night in Canterbury to match the Brides brief and I had a wonderful time! So if you fancy a hen do in Canterbury or are just looking for inspiration then follow in our footsteps and give this a go! I can guarantee you will go to bed with a radiant skin glow, a full belly and a satisfied smile. Bliss x