January – April Catchup!

9th January 2015

Love my little man so much, upon finding an umbrella this morning he paused, twirled it and the broke into ‘I’m Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again’ !

10th January 2015

Jack: ‘need medicine mummy’. I gave him some calpol and he sighed with satisfaction ‘ah I’m feeling much better already’

14th January 2015

I am watching Frozen.


16th January 2015

When the nursery door was opened for another child Jack took the opportunity to zip in! When I said goodbye he was playing with one of his cars and failed to even recognise I had spoken, then when his buddy asked him to say goodbye to mummy he actually sighed (!), didn’t take his eyes off the car and said ‘bye mummy’ – there may have been an eye roll! OMG! I GREW YOU CHILD!!!!! Next week he will be making me walk ten steps behind! It seems at 2 year and 10 months, Mummy has become a drag! haha!

20th January 2015

Helped put Jack to bed and now back in my own bed full of cold. We can hear jack belting out ‘tell the guards to open up the gaaaaaaates! For the first time in foreveveeeeeer’, bless him, he thinks he is princess Ana! Likely show tune himself to sleep!

21st January 2015

Nursery report. Apparently Jack was playing quietly and on.his own with the cars when two older and boisterous boys ran up to him and there was a bit of a stand off. Instead of backing down or being abusive Jack stood bold as brass in front.of them and quietly divided the cars up between the three of them. They all then played in the same area for the rest of the session! Very proud of my little diplomatic person x

28th January 2015

Mike has broken down Jacks highchair so that a special new baby can have it. We didn’t tell Jack and when he saw it in pieces in the hallway he said ‘oh my goodness! What has happened here? Oh dear dear dear’ haha!

31st January 2015

Reason my child is crying – he doesn’t want to walk, but he doesn’t want to go in the pushchair either. Grrrr.

20th February 2015

Love the fact that Jack climbed all over Mike this morning in bed and flung himself dramatically on his back raising his little hand to his forehead ‘the skys awake, so I’m awake, so we have to plaaaay’, then he slid off the bed onto the floor and gave a little sigh then clambered back up and grabbed Mikes eyeball ‘Snowmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?’ he said with an American accent – hahaha!

25th February 2015

Jack has come out with some corkers in the last few days! Firstly asking me ‘like to tickle my bum?’ – hahaha – uh no! Then watching Doris Day belt out her 1950’s song ‘Secret Love’ and then turning to me in a serious tone ‘its a good song’. Then finally pointing out that ‘Tigers have stripes – innit’ ah the language skills of a nearly 3 year old!

12th March 2015

Jack tries to pull me off the computer yesterday while I am working – ‘I am nearly finished darling – just give me 2 seconds’ I say to him. ‘Okay Mummy’ Jack replies brightly and then goes into the other room. I hear him counting loudly ‘ONE – TWO!’ then trots back in and grabs my hand ‘Okay then Mummy’ and drags me off. Can’t argue with that! I had hoped he would have been a bit older before he had mastered that one though!!!!

13th March 2015

Awful mother alert – I have run out of the essentials – how that happened I don’t know! This morning I wake up and realise I forgot to buy milk, eggs and bread as somehow we have got through it all. Panicking about what I can give Jack for breakfast (yes the cereal has gone too!) he totters over to me and says can I have chocolate cake?! Yes you can Jack! So happy toddler is eating chocolate fairy cakes for his breakfast. Oh dear. Parent fail!

21st March 2015

Jack was thrilled to see his Grandparents earlier and gave us a wave from the car ‘take care, see you later Mummy, Daddy!’ and was driven off with a great big beam on his face. Bring on mega spoiled weekend for toddler and mega lie in for Mum and Dad (bet we make it to 7am before we lay there awake and figure we might as well get up anyway!)

11th April 2015

Son has been moving and jumping and singing and dancing since 6am – the most he has sat down is for 15 minutes. Refused point blank to have a nap and is protesting now about bedtime! Please go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

12th April 2015

1.18am. Three year old shouts out for me. I run in, sooth and go back to bed. The next thing i know he is giving an impromptu concert to his teddies! I go in again. ‘Jack it is bedtime, time for night nights’. ‘I need medicine’ followed by fake cough. I tell him he is not sick. ‘I need the ipad’. No Jack its the middle of the night. ‘be careful not to fall mummy’ which he says so quietly and with menace i actually turn around! Finally he commands that i ‘go and find the tv control’ before waving at me and says brightly’goodbye!’, this could be a loooong.night…..

29th April 2015

Jack has finally (after a month!) figured out that the big boy bed is not like a cot and he can actually get out of it. So starts the creeping out several times once being put into bed and then waking up at 5.30am to find a little nose pressed against yours with supressed giggles – let the games begin!


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