I am BACK!

Hello everyone! It has been an AGE since I have written and I have no real reason except for the typical Mummy reason – too much to do in too little time so here is a quick rundown of what we have been up to in the last YEAR! 🙂 I talk A LOT so there may be a few entries! 🙂

27th August 2014

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Jack has managed to eeek bedtime out by a whole 30 minutes tonight by saying he needed his potty. When sat on the potty he talked about washing his hands, baby chicks, dragons and cows but did nothing else! Duped.

29th August 2014

5.10am and I am watching Mary Poppins!

2nd September 2014

Jack seems to think that ‘no’ is just the starting point for negotiations……….

3rd September 2014

So chuffed with Jack, he can now say his numbers 1-20 and pick out the numbers, he has got shapes and this afternoon he sat with me for half an hour wanting to do his abc’s! So cute

4th September 2014

Getting Jack ready for nursery tomorrow, got labels in (thanks Mum!), have photos of the family and got some breadsticks and grapes to take. I feel sooooooooo nervous!

5th September 2014

Well that’s it! I left him at nursery! Bless the nursery ladies, I was talking a mile a minute reeling off things about him and whats in his bag. I managed to get to the school gates before I burst into tears!!!!! When I said ‘bye darling, mummy see you in a while’ – he picked up a car and said ‘okaaaaaaaay’ and carried on playing!!!

5th September 2014

We were super naughty last night and we treated the Keeling-Smith clan to fish and chips to celebrate Jacks first day at nursery. He was thrilled and kept saying ‘chips chips chiiiiiiiips!’

19th September 2014

Awwwwww! Just picked up Jack from nursery and the first question they ask me is ‘does Jack like the song happy?’ – apparently they played it at nursery and he almost exploded with happiness! When I went in, he was jumping, laughing and smiling playing games with all the other boys and girls. Totally made me realise this is what he needed. In his cot now fast asleep

26th September 2014

Jack was banging on the door of nursery to get in this morning as he shouted ‘dingdongdingdongdingdong!’ – then when the door was opened he said ‘HELLO!’, pushed past his keyworker and found the cars! Hope he is like this every time we go!

28th September 2014

Jack is so funny now he is talking, he cleaned his teeth this morning, insisted on waving toothbrush under tap and doing the tap himself. He gave them a good scrub, handed the toothbrush to me with conviction and said ‘thankyou sooooo much’ (as if he were just leaving a dinner party!) before waltzing out of the bathroom again.

29th September 2014

It seems my 2 year old has turned into a moody teenager…..

1st October 2014

Jack now thinks a cough warrants a ‘bless you’ – after having several coughs and not getting a response from me he turned to me with a cross expression and says ‘Bless you?! Seriously!’ – that told me! Sir is now eating yoghurt and saying after every mouthful ‘mmmm rum punch!’ a la Mary Poppins and watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – again…..

2nd October 2014

Love the fact that my little man follows me about and wants to hang out with me  I guess that won’t happen forever so I am enjoying it while I can!

3rd October 2014

Jack bounced his way to nursery this morning then when they opened the door he squealed and said ‘its soooooooooooooooo exciting!’

4th October 2014

4am and up with jack, he.is just awake and singing! Omfg….

7th October 2014

First nursery run getting drenched. Well that wasn’t fun….

My beautiful boy just left nursery giving his keyworker a massive kiss! haha!

Well that is it, the winter has arrived and I am COLD! The onesie is out and I am in bed watching Harry Potter! Snuggle time!

8th October 2014

Toddler driving me nuts this afternoon. He is bored despite only being up an hour we have done snack, colouring, watched a dvd and had several games. He is now causing havoc. I NEED A GARDEN!!!!!!! I have already been out to do an activity session this morning and need to get on in the house but he is determined to cause chaos! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

12th October 2014

5am on a Sunday morning and I am watching Annie. Jack hasn’t quite got the hang of the Sunday morning lie in…..

17th October 2014

Just got back from Butlins  and we had an AMAZING TIME!!!!! Although Mike and I are actually exhausted, Jack had a blast. LOTS of smiles – after a really horrible month this was just the tonic x

21st October 2014

When dropping Jack off this morning I said ‘okay baby see you later then’, he looked up, smiled and said ‘okay see you later!’ and carried on playing. So proud x

29th October 2014

Pottering about while hubby is out for the evening. Jack in bed after singing several rounds of show tunes. In my onesie and tempted to watch the last Harry Potter movie and go to sleep. I am soooooooooooooo rock and roll!!!! haha

31st October 2014

Right! Off to the docs AGAIN! I may as well set up a camp bed in the waiting room at this rate! Hello winter! Hello EVERY bug!

2nd November 2014

Reading about the reviews for Bookkeeping for Dummies they were all talking about bees! It took me to read at least 2 full reviews to realise I hadn’t clicked on ‘Bookkeeping for Dummies’ but ‘Beekeeping for Dummies’ OMFG……..!

4th November 2014

Love my little man so much! Sitting on the potty earlier he is belting out ‘TOO-MORROW TOO-MORROW I LOVE YA TOO-MORROW’ haha!

5th November 2014

Its cold and wet out so jack and I are tucked up.in bed watching and learning about animals and shapes

12th November 2014

Soooooooooo excited! Due to a botched booking we are heading back to London for a free weekend in a few weeks! This time we are taking Jack and going to visit Santa!

13th November 2014

Love the fact that Jack is starting to use his imagination when playing now 🙂 There is a toy farmyard next to his cot, this morning when I got him he was ‘going down to the farm to fetch some eggs’ (complete with tiny basket in his hand!), then he went to the supermarket (the end of the cot) and then he took his basket of eggs to teddy and billy bear ‘would you like something to eat?’ – they thought it was ‘delicious’. Look of concern over his face ‘WAIT!’ he cries – apparently there is a tiny tractor coming from underneath his pillow. Brilliant. 🙂

18th November 2014

Its cold and yucky out so Jack and I are watching Annie AGAIN and making fairy cakes before I go and sit down for my job and the boys get to eat the fairy cakes!

20th November 2014

Right, after having Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, Annie and Singin in the Rain on permanent loop for the last month I have decided to introduce Jack to My Fair Lady just for some different songs!!!!!!!!!!

21st November 2014

Jack and I have spent the morning with his speech therapist and got to see our cleft nurse 🙂 They are very happy with his speech and from a purely speech point of view he will need little speech therapy AND he may not have to have another op until he is 9! Gosh I hope so, it has to be confirmed by the surgeon but I have got my fingers and toes crossed.

27th November 2014

RIGHT! OUT OF MY WAY! The Tesco Christmas delivery slots have been posted and I am ‘virtually’ elbowing people out the way to get one. Yes, it has come to this!!!!

29th November 2014

Christmas decorations are up. Jack looking at the snow globe and he thinks there are little people in the house sheltering from the snow. He has never seen a snow globe before and the look he is giving it is one of pure wonder. I almost cried this morning he was so thrilled with all the decorations! Magical.

1st December 2014

Well that was an experience! Christmas shopping with a toddler who just had a MASSIVE strop! despite that I managed to get pretty much all of it done, wrapping this afternoon and then its time to open the Harveys Bristol Cream and then sit back for the rest of December! Aaaagh!

Jack has just sung the whole abc with only 2 mistakes! Then he pointed out what a pentagon was! So proud! Now only if we could tackle eating ‘wet’ food!

5th December 2014

Hiding in the bedroom from my toddler! Gotta be something wrong here!

9th December 2014

Christmas crowds + toddler = BLOODY NIGHTMARE! Still we got a fab Christmas pic with Santa (even though I had to go and sit with Santa as well!). Santa was clearly feeling the stress of Christmas and had quite a lot of attitude and Mike got touched up by the male elf Don Jingles but other than that a good time was had!

13th December 2014

We are watching Hairspray – again – its seems to have replaced Annie for the time being! My Mum gave Jack Frozen as an early Christmas pressie as he is so poorly – watched it earlier – it was good (I liked Anna as she seems to be a Bridget Jones princess!) but I wouldn’t say it was top 5 Disney films. Controversy!

14th December 2014

Another night of musical beds in the house of illness!

17th December 2014

What a night! More musical beds! Mike up most of the night coughing and Jack awake for two hours being grumpy and cross. At least we don’t have to go out and all finally quiet in the keeling-smith house! Bugger off virus

20th December 2014

Since Mike and his Mum had chips last night while in Maidstone I thought ‘sod it. I am gonna order myself a pizza’. When they delivered they gave us a Christmas card and a bottle of wine from our usual guy. Oh dear, this is not a good sign is it?! New year needs a new start I think!!!!

22nd December 2014

Jack has started screaming whenever we say no – really high pitched – really annoying! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

23rd December 2014

Have a million things to do, instead I am eating cherry pie and watching tv……wound down for Christmas now!

27th December 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! As you know I go offline on Christmas Eve for a few days to really enjoy the Christmas festivities and am just getting through all your beautiful messages. I hope everyone had and is having an absolute blast! We are snuggled and watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (a new musical for Jack – I need to get him on the stage!). Poor Mike has the chicken pox it would seem 😦 Still we had a brilliant Christmas and Jack was VERY spoiled! Lots of love to you all xxxx

28th December 2014

Jack and I up at 7am watching frozen, eating Christmas toast and playing with toys. He is not appreciative of my duet with Elsa!

Wicked. At home with the boys, vol au vents are cooking (yes I may have gone slightly overboard with the order of vol au vents!), cheese and red onion plaits, french bread and brie parcels. Jack is trying a ritz biscuit and I am sampling the chocolate coins while Calamity Jane is on in the background – yes we are total slobs at Christmas! Jack is still in pjs!

Ripper street, cider and pizza in my nest. Not the classiest bird but am happy!

29th December 2014

I am going to turn into a vol au vent at this rate……………








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