The Water Challenge

I am exhausted. I mean ALWAYS tired, I wake up and I am tired, I am tired throughout the day and I go to bed shattered. I wonder if this is my genetic makeup – my Grandmother has always struggled to rise before 11am but then is a busy bee until bed. I always feel half empty, the morning is not my time, nor the afternoon nor the evening. I am sure I have a peak 15 minutes somewhere in the day when I am good to go but it goes as quickly as it comes.

I read an article in a magazine this week about a woman who was actually dehydrated through tiredness. I began to question. I made a list of how much I drink in a day and it came out as this: several sips of water in the morning, a coke at lunch for energy and a glass of wine when my toddler goes to bed in the evening. Slap wrist for me, even I can see that that isn’t the most inspiring list. 

So this week I have set myself a water challenge, I aim to drink 2 litres of water every day and after that it is fair game for what I can drink (sadly I have run out of wine!). The last 2 days have been a bit of a chore, I struggle to remember to drink and my 2 year old now has better bladder control than I do! I was up at least 3 times last night needing a wee and there was one moment mid jumping jack in my zumba class when I didn’t think I was going to make it to the end of the track! Day 3 though and my body seems to be adjusting, the slight headache has gone and I am not needing to wee quite so much!

The lady in the article looked visibly better after a few weeks and nowhere near as tired, the bags and the dark circles had vanished. I have to say I was a little disappointed not to wake up this morning with youthful plumpness in my skin but I guess one has to be patient for that!

I feel fresher, I feel healthier but I also feel like a water cooler so am hoping that will wear off! Watch this space for a bouncier, energetic, youthful mamma! 🙂


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