Bridesmaid Challenge!

Right, on Saturday it will be exactly 3 weeks until my lovely sister in law Helen is getting married to her equally lovely fiancee Andrew. I am head bridesmaid and I am VERY excited about it! I have never been a bridesmaid before and not only will it be wonderful to be part of the couples special day it will tick off one of my life ambitions! 

The bride has bought me the most gorgeous dress to wear but as per usual in my case I am not all one size all the way up! According to the sites size guides I am 14/16 across my bust, 18/20 across my waist and a 16 on my hips! So in essence I range from a 14 – 20 in size! Perfect!

I have opted for a size 16 and now have the challenge of losing an inch and half off my waist in order to take me comfortably into the size 16 range. 3 weeks – 1 challenge! I have created a tummy and waist workout that is 15 minutes every other day. If I have got it right then it should do the trick! Wish me luck!!!! This will be the difference between breathing and not breathing throughout the ceremony!!!!


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