Talking Tots


Today Jack and I embarked on a new baby group, a prospect that always makes me nervous as I never know what the activities will entail, whether it has the right vibe and whether the class is suitable to handle both Jack and myself!!

Talking Tots is about boosting communication and social skills through games, songs, rhymes and activities. It is based on the idea that those who can communicate effectively have a huge advantage in terms of learning. Although Jack got a glowing report from the speech therapist I am all for getting him to communicate with confidence, so far we have more of the confidence and less of the communication!

The class involved activities such as the Hokey Kokey, passing a massive ball to one another (my friends little one bless him was a little less than happy about giving the ball away once receiving it!), playing a version of musical chairs but completing a task such as putting a foam shape on your head when the music stops etc. Jack at just 2 years old is a runner and a climber so sitting for more than 3 minutes is a challenge in itself. I am hoping that this class will help him to focus a little more, some children will sit for hours colouring and drawing for example but Jack is happiest when he is stomping through a muddy field! Nothing wrong with that at all but I feel his social and mental skills now need a bit of development. Luckily Jack was not the only one to get a little fidgety but the lovely lady Lizzy who runs our Talking Tots assures us that the more they do an activity the more they will see it as normal and new social skills will come.

The class concluded with a story and a goodbye song, both of which went down very well with this little master. The sticker he received from Lizzy was the icing on the cake!

I am currently doing two taster sessions, if next week goes well, then I can sign up to be a fully fledged member and Jack will get a little Talking Tots t-shirt to wear to the group, almost making the classes a pre-pre school!

A pleasure to take part in, I hope next week is as promising! Will keep you posted! x




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