Pottys, Toy Lobbing and Chatting!

It seems we have now moved into our first test as parents of a toddler. Touch wood Jack is not a biter, he doesn’t hit other children, he doesn’t take toys off others and sadly if another child takes a toy off of him then he just stands there looking forlorn (don’t even get me started on the absent parents who allow this to happen!). However, THROWING things has reached epic proportions. He doesn’t throw at people and he doesn’t throw out of anger. He just throws. Sometimes it can be that he is done with the toy he happens to be playing with and discards it over his shoulder, sometimes he will lob a toy car across the room to see how far it will go and other times (like yesterday) he will climb quietly up to an area where his parents think that their precious items such as a glass ornament are safe, wait til Mummy can see what he is up to and upon hearing a firm ‘don’t you throw that’,  he will smile with a glint in his eye and chuck said ornament anyway.

I am already at a loss here. I don’t believe in hitting children in any way shape or form personally so that is out. Saying no firmly turns it into a game. Getting down to his level and doing the supernanny explaining thing goes over his head. Ignoring him kind of works but is not always appropriate and timeouts have so far been unsuccessful. I think I need to choose a method and stick to it but there doesn’t appear to be any easy answer and my hopes of him getting bored and moving onto something else are dwindling. If I am there stimulating him then he is fine but the moment I go to do the washing, make the bed etc etc and the front room is turned into a bombsite. Having little experience of small children I wonder if this is just a phase and he will grow out of it. Goodness I hope so!

Potty training is being taken at a very relaxed pace, he has done some poos and wees in his super dooper looper Thomas the Tank potty (very proud Mummy!), I think he is still trying to grasp the connection between his bodily functions and the process of getting bum on seat to carry out the function but we are getting there. Yesterday morning I got him up from his cot for him to announce to me ‘POO POO!’ – pleased as punch that he had identified that he had actually done a massive poop in his nappy. I too was thrilled that he had got the concept, when he saw the changing mat though he clung on to me for dear life ‘UH OH!’ he said! Jack has well and truly ended his love affair with the nappy and the mat!

Today he ran to his potty (nappy on at this time), shouted ‘POO POO’ at it directly and then slammed the lid down! We are having some nappy free time each day, I am trying to get him to sit on it at fairly regular intervals but at the moment it really is hit and miss. At present I am kind of glad we are not going at it intensively, at the moment he is about where I would like him to be and he is doing well 🙂

Yesterday we were at the hospital to see the speech therapist, I have to say just entering the hospital fills me with dread, sometimes they have to do a reworking of the palate if his speech is nasally, needs to be lengthened etc due to the cleft but I was so so chuffed when he wowed the therapist with his talking! She got a bag of toys and he made us so proud as he identified nearly every toy, we need to work on the ‘b’ sounds and the ‘p’ sounds, both of which he can make but its hit and miss whether he says them for the right words, for example he can say ‘poo poo’ quite happily but purple comes out ‘curcle’. His soft palate seems to be working well and so it turns out he is like me in the respect that he is a talker and likes to do so! There is a new class here called Talking Tots which encourages speech so I am thinking of giving it a go! I am all for the talking! I figure the more he can tell me, the less he should get frustrated.

So there we have it, my little boy is growing up so fast it would seem, talking, pottying and throwing! Having a toddler is exhausting, draining and challenging! But putting him to bed tonight he gave me a massive slobbery Jack kiss and I know entirely that that boy has every bit of my heart and I love him to bits and back again ❤ xxxx


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