Shower Time Bliss?

Normally I take Jack into the bathroom with me when I take a shower, he runs about while I sing Row Row Row Your Boat and I try and get showered as quickly as possible before he loses interest and starts tearing the place apart. More often than not he joins me in the shower with his announcement of ‘UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!’ and he sits around my feet weaving shampoo bottles in between my legs through the water. 

This morning however, there was something interesting on the tv (some cbeebies thing) and showering with Mummy wasn’t too appealing. Okay I think to myself, you’re two, I will only be 5-10 mins, lets do this. We are in a flat and I left all the doors open. Walking to the bathroom I felt strangely excited, my first shower on my own, no nursery rhymes! (Although I know I will miss Jack sitting on my feet in the bath playing with his toys when he is all grown!). I start the shower, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! This IS the LIFE! A bit of me time! I lather my hair up with shampoo. Did I leave a bowl of grapes in Jack reach I wonder? Yes. Yes you did says a voice in my head. I am sure it will be fine I say to myself. HEADLINE: Selfish mother takes leisurely shower while son chokes on grape in living room. The picture is of my little Jack laying like a starfish in front of Postman Pat completely blue. Bugger. I give a little sigh and get out of the shower, stark naked and shampoo still in my hair. I run into the living room and Jack is still sitting where I left him, I move the grapes and any other food that he could choke on and run back to the shower.

Conditioning my hair my internal voice asks: ‘did you make the kitchen floor wet with your wet feet when you ran through to the living room?’. To get to the bathroom you have to go through our kitchen, the next image was of my darling son, looking for his Mummy who had abandoned him to take shower had slipped on the water I had left on the kitchen floor and starfish like is now unconcious. Another sigh, I dry my feet (still naked with conditioner this time in my hair) and get a towel and mop up the slight sheen of water on the kitchen floor. Son still hasn’t moved.

Back in the shower now, the water has gone cold. Well that was a totally relaxing experience……!


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