The Diet Plan!

Since I was 13 I have had issues with weight, it goes up, it goes down but one thing is for certain – it is linked to emotions. In 2010 I decided I needed something to be done! I joined and over the next year I slowly and healthily lost 3 stone! It was cheap, I could do it in the comfort of my own home and wasn’t so much of a diet but a diet check.  The following pic is of me in 2010.


My confidence grew and by the Summer 2011 I felt the best I had felt for years, I joined a gym which helped my weight loss and I discovered the key to my weight loss was simple. I had to stick to my diet plan (most of the time), I had to go to the gym 2-3 times a week for a vigirous workout and if I fell off the wagon I was not to beat myself up about it but to draw a line under it and start again. The next pic is of me in 2011:


Within 2 days of that picture being taken I was pregnant as I was feeling so hot and sexy and then I ate for Britain thinking ‘ah yeah well 9 months on and 9 months off’ but that didn’t really happen! I started feeling like I could go to the gym again on a regular basis (and that is key) when Jack was about 18 months old and thinking that I could have done it beforehand was total madness! His sleep was so erratic before that and quite frankly an apple at 2am when your darling is screaming is head off is not gonna cut it. 

So here I am, my ‘baby is 2 years old’ and I am about where I started in picture A. The aim is picture B! I am back at Essentials Diet Club eating 1400 calories a day, I love it because it gives me personal graphs and charts, breaking down my eating habits so I can see it all laid out in front of me. I won’t rush it and there will be days when I have a diet crash and do a Bridget Jones scraping off mould from what is possibly cheese from the back of the fridge!!! 

My working life now allows me to go back to my beloved Tuesday morning zumba class. I started this class with my lovely instructor Lissa when I was starting my diet journey before and her classes, along with another lovely instructors classes (Jan), allowed me to boost my belief in myself. Lissa’s classes are great because there is no set way to do things, if you go left when you go right then it doesn’t matter. Its about having fun and shaking your stuff! I have had ladies come up to me in the past and say that they wish they could be in the front row but they are too nervous of what they look like, I am front and centre usually, not because I am big headed but I need to see Lissa’s feet and I like to be in the thick of the latino music. I NEVER look in the mirror, that would shatter my illusion that I am some sexy senorita! A pale lady with wibbly bits and a cherry for a head does not do anything for that fantasy! For that hour, I am me, not Mummy, not wife, I can’t think about the washing up, it is purely my time. I love it and it lifts me for the week! Jan sadly no longer teaches but I vividly remember one of her classes, she got everyone to line up and then each person, ON THEIR OWN (!) would have to dance their way across the floor. Now I am a follower not a leader when it comes to dance classes and all of a sudden I was 9 years old standing in line to do some sort of gymnastics display in PE class and I felt sick. Time up and it was my turn, I shimmied my way across the floor, no style or finesse but I felt alive and I felt free. I looked like an idiot and I was thrilled about it, I left my cares behind in that class and I will never forget it.

Its about finding the right thing for you, and not to be put off by a class that hasn’t got the right vibe. I remember going to a yoga class years ago, I am not the bendiest of people and one comment from some blonde twiglet along the lines of ‘can’t you get your legs behind your head’ and I never went back again. Other classes I have tried have a ringleader, a bulldog type who goes to every class and would quite happily do the class in the instructors pocket if she could, others flock to her like the kids in a posse at school who adhere to the rules of the school bully. She HAS to stand in a particular spot and woe betide anyone who dares stand there (the gasps are audible!). I steer clear of these classes as I left all that stuff behind in the school yard but it does still make me chuckle! Once you find the right class for you, you will be leaving on a cloud of positivity and potential. Challenge yourself! I am not competitive at all but I am extremely competitive with myself, I did 3 bounces last week, this week I shall do 5! 

For those of you who are starting your weight loss journey, I wish you luck and empowerment! Do it for you, do it for no-one else and enjoy the journey as you blossom. x



2 thoughts on “The Diet Plan!

  1. Sounds like you’re on the right track. Just a bit of hard work and determination and before you know it you’ll be back to the woman in that picture! Best of luck to you, just believe in yourself and stick with it. If you think you can, you can! 🙂

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