Time for Potty Training?

Jack is one week away from turning 2 and having to change his nappy has now become a nightmare, he kicks and screams madly and you would think that I had just beheaded teddy in front of him. I have decided we now need to go onto the next step. POTTY TRAINING.

Now all the books say that your child will let you know when they have done a poo poo because they don’t like the feel of it in their nappy. If I get the whiff of a stinky nappy and say to Jack in my high pitched Mary Poppins tone ‘have you done a poo poo darling?’ then you won’t see Jack for dust. Nappy change Mum? I don’t bloody think so.

So I have today purchased the Fisher Price Thomas the Tank Engine potty. (http://www.boots.com/en/Fisher-Price-Thomas-Friends-Thomas-Railroad-Reward-Potty_1423119/) Jack can neither say wee wee or poo poo and he spent the first twenty minutes moving it around and trying to step in it. The next problem I realised is that my son does not SIT. EVER. There is one crucial exception to this rule and that is for food where he will quite happily park his behind for the duration of the meal (and not one second more).

One friend has suggested stickers as a reward and I think this is a great idea but Jack doesn’t seem overly fussed with stickers so I have opted for what I know, bribery in the form of the grape. Yes I realise this not ideal but hopefully when he is 18 he still won’t need his mummy there bribing him one grape at a time! And if it gets him to sit then I feel like I am making some progress.

I figure this is gonna be a long haul process (and my Tesco order will now include and industrial quantity of grapes), some kids get it instantly and others take much longer. Still it is a start and after 30 minutes of sitting on the potty this evening (bless him!), a wee wee was had. I shall be dreaming of a nappy free future tonight! A little success! 🙂


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