The day that I knew would come has finally arrived and I cannot lie and tell you that I am fine about it all as in reality I am distraught. For the 4th day in a row, Jack has reduced his nap. I am not scare mongering here, once is a one off, twice may be a coincidence but four times?! Other Mums told me it would happen, I assumed it would be perhaps  a couple of days before his first day of school!

The bottom line is: I NEED JACK TO NAP. Not want or desire, I NEED IT. They didn’t go over this kind of crap in antenatal class! It was all birth plans and breastfeeding! When was the crucial hour explaining how the already exhausted mother would be able to cope when the precious 2 hours of sleep that your darling offspring has, is, well GONE……! I have to say whilst writing this there is a small lump in my throat and my palms have a slight sweat on. How does one cope with this development?

I adore time with my son, we have an activity in the morning, usually physically demanding, we have lunch, we have nap (emphasis on the WE there in particular) and then we do something that stimulates the mind in the afternoon. BUT during that naptime I am allowed to be in my own head with my own thoughts, I can eat lunch without interruption and I can watch a programme on tv with a target audience of over 2 years old.

Other Mums who have a child who bobs along smiling without moving or doing a whole lot and is content to draw a picture for several hours or take part in an activity like baking cakes like out of some handbook for the perfect 1950’s mother will have no idea why I am on the  path to complete emotional meltdown. I wouldn’t change my child in anyway (except for this new nap revelation of course), I love the fact that he likes to climb, jump and swing on anything that stands still, he is a stereotypical little boy and he is my adorable little treasure but quite frankly trying to keep up with him is tough. Therefore I kind of feel like I am OWED that nap time. I have paid my dues people, Some of you pay for military workout classes, the bootcamp workouts etc. No need to pay in my case, a morning at the park with Jack will suffice.

I myself was quite a lazy child, I think I was five when some irksome peer pointed out that I was still in my pushchair. Reluctantly I gave up my ‘ride’ (first great mistake!). Although I was a slim kid and did enough exercise to keep me trim, I never really had my heart in working out. I think my sports report said something along the lines of ‘great physical potential, Sarah just doesn’t put this into action’. They were right, I was happier reading a book or chatting to friends rather than play a game of rounders. I once stopped a hockey game because I broke a nail and I never made it to the netball team simply because I never could figure out who was supposed to stand in what part of the court and people seemed to get rather irrate about it. Being quite  a small teenager they asked me to be the person who gets the ball out of a rugby scrum and run with it. I am sorry you want me to get cold, wet, muddy with potential risk of breaking of bones do you? No. No I don’t think so.

So how is it that I have a son who can go a million miles an hour on a fish finger and a weetabix? I have no answers. I love him and if the naps have to go then I guess the naps have to go! We can conquer this! We can do it!

PS if anyone sees me sitting on a park bench, head back, snoring and dribbling at 2pm then please give me swift nudge in the ribs. Greatly appreciated x


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