Asthma Attack!


Yesterday morning I was up at 1am, I couldn’t breathe deeply, my lungs felt full and I felt as if I were having a battle with my own body. I wanted someone to rip my chest open and give me AIR! I tried desperately to remember that Casualty episode when someone sticks a pen somewhere in a persons chest when their lungs collapse and lets them breathe, I looked around for a pen, a tad extreme perhaps…..

By 8am I had had enough, mainly because I am a cranky cow without sleep and 3 hours wasn’t enough with a newborn and 22months on is still not enough! And Jack wasn’t even awake! I called my super Mum and she took me to A & E to be checked over. After scanning NHS Direct for my symptoms ( I had reasoned that my asthma may have ‘returned’, if it can ‘return’ after a 30 year gap!

The service was excellent when I arrived, I was given a cubicle, I have several people attending to me and after having blood, heart and all the normal things checked over they gave me a nebulizer mask. Now I don’t know what this is, a mask was put over my nose and mouth and I started ‘steaming’, it was amazing and I felt almost instant relief. A few more checks and a few x-rays and I was discharged with an acute asthma diagnosis and several inhalers. Although there are complaints about the NHS, their service is in my opinion an excellent one, we don’t need to worry about payment or insurance, we just walk in and expect to be dealt with. Many countries don’t have that luxury.

On the one hand I am truly pleased I have been diagnosed, it explains why I struggle to draw breath in a zumba class or why I get a little puffed when running around after Jack. I no longer need to feel inadequate about my fitness levels which is a plus when I have been working so hard to get fitter. Yet on the other hand I feel a bit upset that I now have this ‘label’ and a condition that will have an affect on me and my life. There is likely to be a trigger so I fully intend on finding out what that trigger may be so that I might eliminate it. I imagine myself  to be like a cross between Nancy Drew and Lara Croft on this purpose!

Still feeling a little bit delicate (mainly still through catching up on my beloved sleep) but there is always a silver lining, Mike asked me if there was anything he could do to make it better, an hour later I was laying on the sofa watching Death in Paradise, eating a takeout pizza and having my hair stroked. There is always an upside it would seem! 🙂


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