Toddler Meltdown

So Jack Flynn is NOT two yet, we have another 6 weeks of pre-two yet Jack seems to have hit the terrible twos a mite early. Yesterday we went to the supermarket for a leisurely look around, turns out we were early so were there during Sunday browsing times, 25 minutes with a 22 month old and nothing to do once we had picked up our couple of purchases. I thought it a good idea to go down the toy aisle. After 20 mins of Jack picking out every ‘car car car’ on the shelves I told him it was time to go and pay and go home. Big mistake. My angel baby vanished and was replaced by a sprawling mess of arms and legs, there were tears, there were screams, there was stamping. People stared, people asked what was wrong. It didn’t really help when Jack went into the crushendo of his finest performance and dissolved into a puddle on the floor (complete with shrieks) I started laughing (much to the horror of other shoppers) and told him we could call childline when we got home. I am not sure what the best reaction would have been, shouting at him would have had no effect, stupidly I brought nothing to bribe him with (usually food) and distraction was not an option as he couldn’t hear me to be distracted! So I am a chilled out Mum, I let him have his moment without giving him an audience. Granted I was a little frayed after the episode but who wouldn’t be! I have a horrible feeling, this was not the last tantrum to happen! Gulp!


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