The Food Battles

Ever since Jack has been weaned meal times have been a challenge! Some kids chow down on anything that is put in front of them. Jack is ‘choosy!’. He likes anything (mostly) that can be hand held. Or covered in breadcrumbs! Fish fingers, toast, cheese on toast, dry cheerios, dried fruit, potato smiles etc etc. The exceptions are weetabix and yoghurt generally. Tonight I am mixing it up! We have, cod and squash croquettes, salad (never touched in life) with some pizza fingers. I have all fingers and toes crossed that this odd but desperate combination will be a winner!!!!

Today we have been what I call a lazy day. We haven’t been out much, I have managed to do the washing and the mountain of left over from the weekend washing up. The flat is as tidy as it can be with a 22 month old in tow! We have watched a few Baby Einstein DVDs – these things are a godsend and they really help with his speech. We have also stacked cups, rings and cars. Stacking is the new thing here at Keeling-Smith towers! We have had splashy bathtime and have generally pottered. Today is a blissful day.

Of course I may not be saying that when I have butternut squash ground into the cream carpet as a sign of protest in half an hours time………………..wish me luck!


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